How to Play Golf Better: The Impact-Driven Swing

There are many different points during the swing which golfers tend to focus on as they work on their technique. Some golfers get hung up on the takeaway, others are more concerned with the position they reach at the top of the backswing. While there are important milestones along the way during the swing, there is really only one position that matters when all is said and done – the impact position.

If your impact position is flawed, it doesn’t matter what you did throughout the rest of the swing, because you aren’t going to get the results you are hoping for. By making the focus of your swing to arrive at a quality impact position, you will be dedicating yourself to improving the part of the swing that really matters, and your results should benefit as a result.

So what elements should be present in a quality impact position? The three listed below are a great place to start.

Eyes Down on the Ball

You might have heard the advice to ‘keep your head down’ during the swing, but it is really your eyes that you should be worried about. As long as you keep your eyes focused on the ball through impact, it is actually okay if your head moves around a little bit (not too much, though). When practicing your swing, pick a specific spot on the ball and try to keep your eyes focused on it until the club reaches impact.

Weight onto Your Front Foot

For a right handed golfer, getting most of your weight onto your left foot at impact is crucial for a quality strike. A common amateur mistake is hanging back on the rear foot as the club comes down into the ball. Not only will you lose power this way, but you are also likely to get the club too far away from your body – and the dreaded slice might very well be the result.

Hands in Front of the Ball

Along with your weight getting onto your lead foot, you also need to make sure that your hands get past the ball and lead the club down into impact. Again, this is a common amateur mistake – releasing the club early and allowing the club head to beat the hands down toward the ball. Make sure your body and hands lead the way, and that the club head is the last piece of the puzzle to come through the hitting zone.