Top Three Golf Tips On How To Score Better In The Rain

If you play golf regularly enough, the rain will catch you eventually. Die-hard golfers would never abandon a game because of a little water falling from the sky, but it should change the way you play. Here is some advice on how to achieve a descent score despite the rain.

  1. Think bunker thoughts
  2. Every shot you make should be seen as a bunker shot when playing in the rain. Wet grass, muddy terrain, and wind-rain resistance will test your skills to the maximum. Careful, methodical swings will give you the control you need to beat these elements. As with all bunker shots, concentration and balance are key; so focus on these aspects with every turn. If you can successfully make every shot count, your score will end up lower than your opponents’.

  3. Keep your equipment dry
  4. Easier said than done, but if you manage to keep your equipment predominantly dry, your game will go a lot smoother. A drying towel can be used to wipe off your club after every swing, and an extra rain coat would prove very useful in keeping your clubs covered. It takes a little extra effort, but the end result will be well worth it.

  5. Take along lots of gloves
  6. Grip may become your biggest challenge while playing in the rain. The slightest slip can ruin your shot and even land your ball in a bunker. Golf gloves aren’t designed for playing in wet weather, but if used sparingly, they can make a huge difference in your swing. Consider taking a few pairs and using them only when they are most needed (such as teeing off or during difficult shots).

What to expect

Don’t get despondent if you get poor distance on your shots—it’s perfectly normal. Remember that your opponents are up against the same odds you are, so make sure you’re more clued up on how to handle playing in wet weather.

Stay safe

It’s important to mention that you should always value your health above your game score. Wet weather can make you sick so do your best to stay warm and dry any way you can. Lightning is also a very real danger for golfers. If you’re in the midst of a lightning storm, consider delaying your game and moving indoors until it passes.