Where to Go during Your Golf Holidays In Europe

A large number of avid golfers say there is nothing like enjoying a great golf holiday in Europe. There are several destinations throughout Europe that offer great deals, accommodations and excellent golf courses perfect for a holiday or adventurous getaway. The following details will help you get to know some of the most popular destinations to consider for a golf holiday in Europe.

Enjoy Well Groomed Championship Golf Courses with Unique Challenges

A number of golf courses in Europe are favored spots of professional golfers and championship tournaments. You get to not only see pros play at their best, but you have an opportunity to play where they have won some of their most challenging games. Many golf courses feature special designs that have strategic plays requiring high levels of concentration, accuracy and consistency. Your skills can be put to the test even if you are a beginner.

Accommodations and Green Fees are Affordable

Europe provides some of the most affordable places to enjoy luxury and comfort. There are several golf resorts, golf clubs and services to enjoy throughout the country, you will have fun just learning about your options before booking. There are travel sites for golfers that will help you make the best choice for your trip. Green fees vary depending on where you go but you can learn about discounts and reduced fees when you contact golf courses to learn more.

Golf Packages Offer Convenience and Easy Comparison

There are hundreds of golf packages to top destinations throughout Europe. These golf packages are affordable and you can compare them through visiting golf package providers. Use providers that provide golf options throughout their website. You may find better deals and you will have more options that booking sites offering other types of travel packages.

Breathtaking and Relaxing Views

You can choose to visit golf courses and accommodations that rest along the Atlantic Ocean. You can enjoy ocean breezes, plentiful sunshine and attractive beaches. You can play rounds by the beach or you can play by historical areas that are more inland with various sightseeing opportunities. Nightlife and shopping are additional activities you will enjoy. Here are 8 destinations most popular in Europe.

  1. Algarve, Portugal
  2. Lisbon, Portugal
  3. Murcia, Spain
  4. Paris, France
  5. Normandy, France
  6. Belgium, Brussels
  7. Madeira, Portugal
  8. Sicily, Italy