The Two Basic Golf Shots You Should Know

Many golfers don’t know the difference between the different types of shots. Many amateur and semi-experienced (even some experienced) golfers play the “in-between” short shots. These shots are on a medium trajectory that combines both left- and right-handed movements. Although you can hit some pretty good shots this way, you need a lot of practice and the skills in order to do so.

There are two basic golf shots that you should know: the low chip shot is used for when your ball lies on the green near the hole and the hitch pitch shot which is used for when you have little to no room to play with where your ball is lying. This simplifies the decision making process while on the course as you only have two basic golf shots to choose from. With only having these two shots you can concentrate on the landing spot of your ball as well as your targets allowing you to hit more shots closer to the hole.

The Low Chip Shot

To perform this shot you need learn how to start out and begin addressing this shot. Stand with your feet very close together at a 45o angle towards your target. All of your weight rests on your leading foot. The position of the ball on the tee should sit just below the right armpit and your body posture should be tall and straight.

When you are preparing for your backswing, you will start the swing by pulling your club back away from the target with the back of your right hand. Your right wrist should give slightly and not fully hinge. At the point of impact, the back of your left hand will lead your club towards the target. Your arms should act as an extension of the club you are using and there will be little to no hit or lift of the ball.

When finishing your swing, your feet should be angled towards the hole where your ball will eventually end up making it easier for your lower body to pivot during your downswing. Your upper body will stay still and will naturally be pulled by the pivoting of your feet.

High Pitch Shot

To start this shot, your feet should be angled like they are when starting the low chip shot although your stance will be wide, your knees will be more flexible, and the ball will rest just inside the logo on the front of your shirt. From here you proceed to the backswing. In this shot your backswing should feel like you are going to take the club away with your thumb and index finger of your right hand, then let the weight of the club’s weight pull your right wrist into a more stable and full hinge. From there you follow through with your swing just like you would in the low pitch shot.

Keeping these basic golf shots in mind when on the golf course or even practicing your swings will help you become a better golf player. By practicing these two basic shots regularly you will enhance the skills needed to carry through with these two basic shots.