How to Hit the Ball as Far as the Pro Players

While the golfers on TV shoot scores that most people can’t even dream of, they do have one skill that most players would love to copy more than any other – the ability to hit long drives. Even the average hitter on the professional tour is much longer than the average weekend golfer, and that is mostly due to superior technique. While improved physical fitness can help add yards to your drives, it is largely your technique that is going to dictate how far the ball flies down the fairway.

So what steps can you take to hit the ball as far as the pro players? It isn’t going to happen overnight, but using the tips below can set you on a path toward longer drives.

There is more to good golf than just long drives. However, it is fun to bomb one down the fairway, and the three tips above should help you get closer to that goal. While you might not ever hit it quite as far as the guys on TV, you should be able to improve your driving distance with a little effort on improving both your swing and your equipment.