5 tips on how to improve set up positions in golf

A good set up can help you get an advantage on the hole you are playing. In many cases it is about being consistent with your moves and position. There are three elements you can focus on to help improve your set up: your grip, your stance and the position of the ball. Each of these components work together to execute a winning play and when they come together with the right balance, it is likely you can achieve better results at future holes. Consider the following tips to help you get started improving your golf positions

  1. Have proper grip of your club. Consider placement of your hands as you hold the club. If you are right-handed you should hold the club with your left hand roughly a half inch below the top. Your left hand may have a gap between the middle finger and forefinger; your small right finger should be placed in this gap with thumbs aligned along the club shaft.
  2. Know your stance. This includes having a certain amount of distance between you and the ball. Your left shoulder should be under your left foot and your left shoulder should face the hole or target. Feet should be placed shoulder width apart as you stand with your knees bent slightly. In doing this you make it easier for your body to shift weight as you follow through on your swing.
  3. Understand the position of the ball. This may vary depending on the club you use to play the hole. The center of your stance may benefit from using short irons such as 8 or 9 irons. If the ball distance is closer to your front foot you may consider using a middle iron 4 through 7. If the ball is two or three ball lengths closer to your front foot the long irons may be better as well as the fairway woods.
  4. Get advice from an expert.Get tips from people you know that play golf. They can look at your grip, stance and ball position when you practice. You can consider golf lessons through a school or personal instructor if you are really serious about improving your set up positions.
  5. Keep practicing. The only way to improve your set up is to keep working at it. Overtime you should notice a difference and better outcome for your rounds.