Left Hand Golf Tips for Improving your Pitching Skills

When it comes to close shots in golf, pitching and chipping comes to mind. These tend to have a lot of significance in your play and should you fail to master them, your game will surely suffer. Here we will focus on how to improve your pitching skills by focusing on your left hand. As a right handed golfer, the left hand plays an important role in your pitching game. By perfecting your use of this hand you will be able to execute more accurate and effortless pitching shots in a more natural manner.

Pitching shots are meant to be used when you are playing in trouble. The shot is characterized by a loop and stopping almost immediately when it hits the floor. This means it is useful in avoiding any barriers that may be ahead of the ball. This shot is quite important as previously said but should not be overused. Some players tend to over rely on pitching shots in their game; this can have negative consequences in some instances.

Before you commence training on the left handed tips described below, you will need to pick out the best clubs to ensure the ball moves in the desired pattern. Use the most lofted clubs in your bag for pitching shots. Note that the club will be doing most of the work not your hands; you need to ensure you use the right club.