A Complete Tutorial On How To Use A Lob Wedge On A Golf Course

A lob wedge is very effective in hitting high and soft shots. It helps to strike the ball in an elevated manner and make it land softly, so that it stops just near the hole. If you want to score better in a game of golf, you must invest in a good lob wedge. Not only does it helps in hitting shots beyond high obstacles, but it also aids in making shots at downhill lies, tucked pins, and super-fast golf fairways. Basically, a lob wedge is useful to hit any type of shot, which requires loft. So, we have come out with a tutorial that can help you learn to use a lob wedge on a golf course.

  1. The club
  2. The first step is to choose the right lob wedge.

    You can use a 60 degree lob wedge, or a sand wedge will also do. These wedges have the most lofted edges among all golf sticks, which help in hitting the ball high enough.

    For a higher ball trajectory, you need to lift the loft of the wedge and play the shot with open clubface.

  3. The stance
  4. When you hit the ball with the club, the ball will fly to your right.

    Seeing this, you will put the head of the lob wedge at 10 to 15 feet, between 3 to 5 meters, from the left side of the hole and behind the ball.

    Take your usual stance and balance your weight, with the ball in the middle of your front position.

    Make the clubface point towards the right, so that it targets your goal, and then grip it tightly.

    Ensure that the top of your grip comes till your navel, so that the lob wedge hits the ball in a parallel line, making a clean strike.

    Don’t take your hands too far away from the ball, as this will make the lob wedge swing from your back inside the ball line, resulting in a bad contact.

  5. The swing
  6. Rotate your body in such a way that your hands and arms swing along and the lower and upper body follows behind.

    Your backswing should not be more than three-quarters of the length.

    Swing the club in a parallel line of your body, instead of swinging it towards your target direction.

    Place a light grip on the lob wedge, along with a relaxed and soft wrist action, while you swing.

    Remember to keep the face of the lob wedge open as you groove, as this will keep the loft of the lob wedge higher for an elevated shot.