7 Keys For Hitting A Powerful Shot Off The Tee

Hitting a powerful shot off the tee looks easy when a professional golfer does it, but there are components that make the shot somewhat complex. The good news is there are different elements of the shot you can break down and excel one at a time. As you practice the shot there are different aspects you will notice that puts things into perspective.

A power shot off the tee is not like swinging a baseball. You need good speed (tempo), precision and accuracy as you work to make contact with the ball. The following 7 points offer more details on what makes a powerful shot off the tee come together.

  1. Turn top portion of your body as you swing to hit the ball. This means you should have movement in your torso hip area as you move your arms with your club.
  2. Keep legs and lower portion of your body still as you swing. In many cases you are actually moving your lower portion of the body in the opposite direction of your top portion during your swing, but your legs should stay in position to ensure good balance and even distribution of power behind your swing.
  3. Turn bottom portion of your body away from the ball as you swing. You are basically turning your bottom portion of the body away from your top portion while remaining stationary.
  4. Keep lead leg straight as you come down and swing. Your knees are slightly bent, but when you make contact with the ball your lead leg is straight and your other leg is bent at the knee with your heel in the air at a pivot.
  5. Keep arms straight as you swing through your shot. When you come down to hit the ball your arms should be straight at point of contact.
  6. Establish a plane for your club. As you move through and make your stroke keep on this plane to establish accuracy. This may also help you hit longer shots and improve accuracy in the future.
  7. Practice the motion with and without a golf club. It is preferred to get the motion first without a club. Then practice swinging with a club but without the ball. This is a good practice drill before attempting to take the shot.