Left Hand Golf Tips On How To Get Rid Of The Shanks

Playing golf is a rather difficult task and the sport requires quite a bit of practice. Spending a lot of time on the range is required to fix any problems. However, the shank will always stay with you unless you do something drastic about your swing. As a left-hander, you don’t have to do anything different to fix the shank compared to a right-hander. All that is different is that you need to flip things around. Here are a few tips to stop yourself from shanking more shots.

Try swinging out-to-in

The idea is to swing out-to-in and that would pretty much cure all shanks. The idea is to get the hosel as far away from the ball as possible. The only way you can shank a ball is by hitting the hosel first – so that eliminates the possibility automatically. An easier way to practise on the range is to try hit fades, or right-to-left shots.

Always have a swing thought

No matter what you are doing or working on, you need to have a swing though. You need to tell your body what you want to achieve and how you are going to do that. Have a few practice swings before you hit the ball. This would help you in getting the motor skills and certainly get rid of the shank a bit quicker!

Hit half shots

As with most drills, it is important for you to do everything slowly. There is no point in going at the shot every single time when you are yet to master the skills. Try and hit little half shots to eliminate the shank. However, you have to keep in mind that you are trying to hit fades to avoid shanks. Having a swing though in mind would make the task a lot easier!

Watch the clubface

Sometimes, if the clubface is too close of the way back, your body might compensate it by opening it on the way down. This means if you get the timing slightly off, you will either hit a massive slice or even shanks. That’s why it is important to get the clubface position right when you get to the top. If necessary, you could get a friend or a coach to check it. Once you get the feeling of a square clubface at the top, you would naturally deliver the club to the ball in a better swing path and angle.