Building Your Wedge Set: Solid Advice For Golfers

When you are planning on getting your own set of wedges there are a number of things that you need to make sure you take into consideration. Most golfers and in particular the beginner golfers hardly ever take this into consideration and it ends up becoming one of the worst decisions they ever made so far. The wedges will come in handy especially when you are taking things like the grind, bounce, gapping and lofts.

It is possible and very easy to consider the wedges as some of the finest or rather sexiest clubs available in the industry so far. While this is true, you must also realize that these are also some of the most important clubs you can get your hands on.

Before you go out looking for any club, it is always important to first of all understand the nature of your game. This will help you decide on the kind of club that you will use. Taking into consideration the fact that the short game often takes up more than a half of the shots that are played in a round, your wedges will certainly help you get the best results and a lower score.

Wedges are important to your game for different reasons. One of these is because they tend to save your shots from the sand and the turf. This is also the main reason why in some cases you will come across individuals who refer to the wedges as the goalkeepers in golf. A good wedge is supposed to allow you get as close as possible to the pin from any distance within 125 yards of your stroke.

When you are selecting your wedges, you must also learn the degrees to which they vary. Most of them can be anywhere from 45 degrees to 64 degrees. Of all the clubs that you can purchase the wedges are the ones with the highest lofts. For beginners or anyone else who does not know what a loft is, this is basically the angle wherein the face of the club lies with respect to the shaft.

Next you should get yourself a very good wedge for pitching. A pitching wedge will help you make some of the shots we refer to as full out shots. These are often made into the greens. After the 9 iron, this is the second most lofted club.