Golf Lessons: the Secret to Avoiding Pop-Up Drives

A pop-up drive occurs when a golfer takes their club and swings toward the ball at steep angle. In many cases too much weight has shifted during the downswing and the clubface is not in the right position when it contacts the ball. This can result in an ugly scuff mark on the club head, something many golfers hate with a passion. So what can you do to avoid this embarrassing play on the course? Here are some tips to keep in mind when avoid pop-up drives.

Check Your Setup Position

There are a few things you need to look at before you take your shot. Think about how your body is positioned and how you intend to address the ball. You may want to think about your form for a minute before getting your body into position. You want to look at ways to keep your backswing from getting too steep. You also need to pay attention to weight shift when you go into your backswing. If you have too much weight shifting from one side to the other, you are setting yourself up for a pop up since it will be too late to control the shift when you hit the ball.

Make Sure You Set Your Club to Travel on the Right Plane

Think about the plane or line your club will travel in order to hit the ball with a smooth result. If you swing from your backswing with a steep angle your club will not travel on an even plane. There are pictures and videos you can view to help you get more of a visual perspective of how your swing should look. When your club travels on the plane correctly, this sets up your club head and clubface to be in the right position for solid contact without a pop-up.

Open Your Stance and Consider Practice Drills

Having a wider stance can help you achieve better control of your swing. This helps you have a wider backswing that can help you stay on track with the plane your club should travel. You can practice these tips with drills recommended for reducing pop-ups. When your legs are wider they should be in line with your shoulders. Think about a clock. When you go into your swing your club should come back to 2:00 and when you follow through with your swing it should end at 8:00.