Golf Iron Play Basics Every Player ought to Know

Playing with irons in golf may be tricky, but can be made easy

Flaring a huge drive gives a lot of pleasure no doubt, but what is the use of a 300- yard drive if your second shot cannot hit the greens. The same is the case with putting; you cannot score well if your putting skills are not in place. Let us see how you can improve your game with irons.

Hit the golf ball with your left hand’s back facing your target. When your hands guide clubhead, its shaft is angled a little in the direction of target during impact. It lets you drive the golf club through and down the shot to make a divot after you hit the ball. Do not roll the hands at the impact.

Observe the divot

The ideal situation is to strike the golf ball first and then touch the ground to make a divot. When you are at the driving range next time, place a tee about 1 inch away from the ball in the ground outside the line of target. Now, hit the golf ball using your 7-iron. You will notice that if you hit the ball first, the divot will be formed on a side of the target from the tee. In case,your divot begins a little behind your tee, it implies you had striked the shot fat, plus conceded on your accuracy and distance. And, it is great it your entire divot is formed behind your tee. You can practice by hitting 10 shots continuously with the divot beginning on the target side of tee.

Getting flippy is not right

If you hit your ball low, chances are there that the head of your club is beating before your hands while you attempt to shovel the golf ball into the air. This makes the top edge of the golf club come in contact with your ball. While you make the impact, your left hand’s back should face your target. Your right wrist should bend slightly away from the target.

Taking a complete extension is appropriate

To verify your impact position and get a temper for hitting your irons solid, you must strike the balls in a series and stop your clubhead below your waist level. It will become unfeasible to shovel at your ball to attain this reduced finish. Do not be scared to shorten your follow through if you mis-hit your irons during your round.