How To Fix A Pull In Golf: 7 Tips To Keep In Mind

When you are playing on a golf course and there is a water hazard down the left hand side, what would your normal swing thought be? Don’t lie and be honest with yourself! It’s likely that you are going to say to yourself, ‘don’t hit the ball left!’ You have to realise that his is extremely common and normal amongst golfers. However, based on the White Bear or the ironic theory (psychology), when you are told to not think about a white bear, you will immediately think of a white bear! The same applies when you are playing golf, if your mind is saying don’t miss left; you ball will most likely miss left. Well here are a few tips to stop you from pulling your shots and save you a few strokes every round:

Tip 1: Weaken your grip

If you are constantly missing the ball to the left, then there is a chance that your grip is too strong. Check and see if you can see more than two knuckles on your left hand (if you are right-handed). If there are more than two knuckles, your grip is too strong.

Tip 2: Square up your shoulders

Make sure your shoulders are aiming parallel to your target. If they are aiming left, it would promote an out-to-in swing path and the ball will go straight left!

Tip 3: Don’t flip your hands

Flipping your hands through impact causes the ball to go left. Try and hold it off instead. So feel like your left hand faces the target for longer through impact.

Tip 4: Don’t lean back through impact

The idea is to get your weight through to the left side after impact in your golf swing. If you hang back, you will likely flip your hands to compensate and you don’t want that!

Tip 5: Square up the clubface at address

Set up is very important and if you are aiming left from the beginning, there is not a lot that you can do to fix it. So all you have to do is make sure you are aiming properly.

Tip 6: Don’t aim right!

It might be tempting to aim right so that your ball will end up on the fairway when you are struggling with pulls. However that is only going to make the problem more obvious, so don’t do it!

Tip 7: Don’t over swing

If your backswing is too long, then you would likely be coming ‘over the top’ and that means your swing path would be towards the left. That means a pull shot! So shorten your backswing and it’s going to help.