Quick Golf Tips on How to Have a Good Setup Off the Tee

The process of trying to get a setup shot off the tee to work the right way can be a challenge but it doesn’t have to be much of a challenge if you know what you have to do when getting the right hit off. Here are a few quick tips that you can use to make it easier for your shot to work out right so you will keep your aim as well-organized as possible without having more of a challenge when shooting than necessary.

Consider the Loft Angle

Think about the loft angle you want to use on your shot off of the tee. A wood with a higher number attached to it might not hit the ball far but it will add loft. This in turn results in a higher launching angle. This also ensures that the ball might be easier to control. This is crucial if you are trying to hit the ball onto a narrow fairway and you want to ensure it will actually land.

Keep the Ball Position Right

The ball position in this case refers to how you are positioning the ball versus your club. The ball should be reviewed as you swing with a clear approach where the middle part of your club will hit the ball. This should be done in an unobstructed manner and in a straight move to make it work. This in turn will give you a full swing that is strong enough to carry the ball out without being too difficult to handle.

Watch For the Shaft Is Arranged

The shaft of your club should be past a vertical position within your shot. This in turn allows you to keep the club straight so you will have a clear shot that will move through quite well. If done right, this will result in a shot that is efficient and will give you the best control over how you are making a shot work.

Watch How Your Knees Bend

The way how your knees bend while swinging can really make a difference. The knees should be bent down to where they are carefully in line with your swing but also down to where your body is still in an upright position to where the spine is as close to perpendicular with the ground as possible. You can use this to help you get your shot organized just right.

Your setup shot should be used with care. Don’t assume it has to be as strong as possible; just make sure it is accurate.