The Fail-Safe Way To Improve Your Short Game Accuracy

The short game is usually placed between 1-100 Yards range. This range is specified because it is almost half the distance of a full or long range shot and requires a shorter swing. Short game is very important as you play almost half of your shorts in this range and as this requires more accuracy, you may lose a lot of points in this range. Of course everyone hits inaccurate shots from long range as nobody can be so perfect and pot the ball with his first shot. The difference is noticed and made in these short range shots as they require more concentration, accuracy and calculated power. Here are a few tips for short game in Golf.

  1. Distant Wedges
  2. This is a kind of medium range shot. It is too short for a full swing and too long for a pitch shot. It ranges between 30-100 yards from the hole. For this shot, you have to be good at controlling the distance with your club. You should hit a calculated shot as you cannot cover a longer distance and you have to either move closer to the hole or pot the ball if you are really good.

  3. Lob Shot
  4. Lob shot is usually hit when the ball has landed quite close to the hole. The quality of Lob Shot is that it is aerial but it covers very less distance once it lands on the ground. The recommended club for such shots is 55-65 degrees.

  5. Pitching
  6. This shot is played when the distance ranges between 3-30 yards. This shot has a quality that it travels the same amount of ground distance as the aerial distance. Usually Golfers use 52-56 degrees clubs for playing such shots and they use sheer technique.

  7. Chip Shot
  8. Chip shot usually makes the ball fly in the air for a very short interval of time and then the ball covers a longer distance on the ground. It does not require power but it requires a keen concentration and a good technique. This shot is played when you are really close to the green and you just want to help the ball cover some aerial distance above the long grass and then roll in the short grass towards the hole.

  9. Bunker Shot
  10. The sand surfaces around the green are really a problem for golfers. Hitting the ball out of the sand requires a whole different technique when compared to an average shot in the grass. In a short game, you should really be good at these shots.