Golf Guide for Newbies: Ball Position & Alignment

In golf, it is often the basic fundamentals and seemingly simple points that make the biggest difference. For example, ball position and alignment might not be as exciting to talk about as swing plane or face angle, but they are vital to hitting good shots. If you want to become a consistent ball striker capable of playing well from the first tee to the last green, ball position and alignment are details you should pay close attention to.

Let’s take a look at each of these two fundamentals and why they are so important to your game.

Ball Position

When you are able to put the ball in the same spot in your stance shot after shot, you will stand a much better chance of having success. Think of it like trying to hit a moving target, versus a stationary one. If the ball is in a different spot in your stance for each swing, there is no way you will be able to gain consistency. However, when you create a system that places the ball in the same spot time after time, you have eliminated one more variable from the swing that can cause you problems. To achieve this, build ball position into your pre-shot routine and how you take your stance. Once you find the ball position that is right for you, try developing a specific way of taking your stance that leads to the ball finding that spot time and again. It will take some practice, but it is worth your effort.


Just like ball position, alignment is something that needs to be consistent from shot to shot. Once you pick your target for a given shot, you want to make sure that you are aimed perfectly so that a well-executed swing will give you a good result. Many bad shots that have been blamed on poor swings were actually good swings ruined by bad alignment. Before you assume that your poor shots are due to a faulty swing, make sure you work on your alignment to get your feet and shoulders all pointed in the right direction. Alignment is something that should be worked on carefully on the practice tee so that it comes naturally when you are on the course. Instead of rushing through shots on the driving range, take your time and work on alignment before each swing to engrain proper technique.