Improving Golf Swing and Hum Rhythm

Golf is a game that is all about rhythm. Having a good tempo during your swing is key to hitting consistent shots that fly in the same direction time after time. If you are trying to play golf simply by overpowering the ball and forcing it to go where you want – you are going to be sadly disappointed in the results. Learn how to swing with a beautifully flowing tempo and the results are likely to be much more satisfactory.

So how do you learn to swing with good rhythm? Try humming during your practice sessions. That’s right – humming an even tempo during your swing can help you to even out your rhythm on the practice tee. With enough repetition, you should be able to translate that newfound rhythm out onto the golf course.

As Easy as One, Two, Three

The next time you are on the practice range, try the following drill – using a middle-iron to hit some shots, start humming a tempo while you make your swing. The tempo should be a count to three, starting with the moment the club starts back away from the ball. You should hum ‘one’ when the club starts back, ‘two’ when you reach the top of the backswing, and ‘three’ when you reach impact.

This will probably be much harder than you expect at first. Try it for a few swings until you get more comfortable with humming and swinging at the same time. Make sure the rhythm is slow enough to give your swing time to build naturally – rushing through the swing is exactly what you are trying to avoid. If you are really struggling with getting this tempo to feel comfortable, ask a friend to count out the ‘one, two, three’ for you until you start to get the hang of it.

When you get back out o

the course, you don’t need to hum out loud, but try to keep the rhythm in mind during your swing. It is easy to rush on the course as you get nervous and put pressure on yourself, so fall back on the rhythm trick to keep your swing under control and timed properly. As time goes by and you practice more and more, you should find that this rhythm becomes automatic and you no longer need to do the humming in order to keep yourself on track.