Chipping From The Collar: The Tried And True Method

One of the shots in golf that a lot of players tend to overlook is the chip. You can learn so much when you put your feet down and practice this shot from time to time. It is not one of those shots that you get to make all the time, but you can be sure that once you know how to play a good chip off the collar, you will perform it with such finesse when you need it.

While a lot of players tend to ignore the chip, the end result often is terrible chip shots when they need to play this. There is nothing as embarrassing on the green like making the perfect address, setting up for an incredible shot and then as you get ready to take your shot you make one of the worst mistakes ever. The following are some useful tips that can help you improve on your chip, and help you ward off the unnecessary embarrassment:

Choose the right club

The first mistake that players make is to choose the wrong club for a chip. This is particularly for those players who are new to the game, and who do not have experienced caddies to help them make the right choice. To avoid this, try and select the 8 or 9 iron for this specific shot and your experience will be different from what you have been doing in the past.

How to hit the ball

How do you normally strike the ball when you are playing your chip shots? Most players struggle with this shot because they do not have the right technique to help them. Ideally, you need to strike down on the ball. The club is supposed to make a descending shot instead of scooping down on it.

The need for a firm grip

A firm grip is necessary if you are looking to perfect this shot. Do not release or ease on the grip somewhere in between your shot as most beginner players do. Hold tightly and do not let up until you are done with the shot.

The follow-through

Next up is the follow-through. This is one area where you will definitely need to put in some practice. Make sure that you have the clubhead moving in a straight line from the swing to the follow-through for the perfect chip.