How to Make a Solid Impact in Golf: Proper Ball Position is Crucial

Ball position is an element of the swing that most pros spend plenty of time working on – but is ignored by many amateurs. In reality, where you position the ball at address play a big role in the final outcome of the shot, so it is a detail that is certainly worth paying attention to. If you find that you are hitting behind the ball consistently, or are hitting the ball ‘thin’ too often, there is a good chance that ball position is to blame.

Making a good impact with the ball means having the ball located right at the bottom of your swing so the club can cleanly strike the ball before it hits any turf and starts to lose speed. By finding the right ball position before you ever start to make a swing, you can make the job of striking the ball cleanly much easier than ever before.

It Should Feel Natural

When you take your stance, set the club down wherever it feels most comfortable. If you are currently putting the ball forward or back of that point, you are probably making yourself work harder than you need to during the swing. With your arms handing naturally down in front of you while in a solid, balanced position, you should be automatically finding a good starting point for your ball position.

Adjust as Needed

From that point, you can move your regular ball position forward or back slightly depending on personal preference and the unique elements within your swing. If you feel like you have to reach out in front of you to get to the ball, try moving it back slightly. Conversely, try moving the ball up in your stance a bit if you don’t feel like you have enough room to get through the shot.

Move Ball Position for Special Shots

When you want to flight the ball lower and keep it down out of the wind, putting it further back in your stance is a good choice. Likewise, moving the ball forward will help you to get it higher into the air and bring it down softly on the green. Practice on the driving range with moving your ball position around and see what effect that has on your ball flights. After some time spent practicing, you should get comfortable with the right ball position for your swing to produce a variety of shots.