Striking from a Fairway Bunker

Hitting a long shot from a fairway bunker might be one of the most challenging shots on the golf course. Getting the ball up and out of a bunker is hard enough, but trying to hit a quality shot from 150 yards or more and land it on the green can seem like an impossible dream for some. While it is a hard shot, it is nowhere near impossible. By understanding a few basic important aspects of technique while playing from the fairway bunker, you can improve your strike and start to conquer your fear of the fairway sand trap.

The first step toward improving from the fairway bunker is understanding that you won’t be able to hit your clubs the normal, full distance that you hit them from the fairway. You will need to adjust your yardages, and usually will want to use at least one extra club when playing from the sand. After you pull the right club, use the following three tips to improve your striking from a fairway bunker.