Some Keys to Solving the Backswing Push

The backswing is vital to a successful golf shot, and in some ways, is more important than the downswing. When you get the backswing right and put the club in a good position, it is almost hard not to hit a good shot. So focusing on the backswing during your practice sessions is a good idea, and one that should help you make a lot of progress in your game.

One common mistake during the backswing is something called the ‘backswing push’. This occurs when you ‘push’ the club back away from the ball, instead of rotating back naturally by simply turning your shoulders away from the target. This kind of push puts the club in a poor position and sets you up for failure right from the start. If you are going to make a quality backswing, you need to remove this flaw from your technique. Following are three tips that can help you to solve the backswing push.