4 Easy Courses To Visit During A Golf Vacation In Albufeira

As long as you are heading to Albufeira for a golf vacation, there are a number of useful tips that you could use to help you make the best of your trip. Over time and as a result of the growing popularity of Albufeira, there are so many people who have in the recent past come to enjoy spending their time here. This is one of the locations where you can certainly have the time of your life, while at the same time enjoying the best golfing encounter so far.

One of the most important things that you will need to consider is the need for you to book yourself into some of the finest residences here. There are so many of these, and lots of them are so close to the best courses that you can play on whenever you are on your vacation here. It will therefore be a good idea for us to share with you a list of some incredible courses that you can book, so that you can tee off in style when you are in Albufeira:

Balaia Golf Course

This is a 9 hole, par 27 course that will certainly interest you. When you come here, you can look forward to enjoying access to the putting green, the driving range, chipping green, restaurants and when you want to relax, you can also play tennis.

Pine Cliffs

One of the main reasons why so many people find it easier to fall in love with the Pine Cliffs is the fact that it is so well maintained. Other than the virtual location on a cliff top in Albufeira that might interest you, you may also want to try your hands on the Devil’s Parlor and see how you can fare where others have failed.


Salgados features 18 unique holes. It is located just at the back of the Praia de Gale sandy beach. As a result of its natural location, this course is often associated with a typical links course, so when you come here, make sure you prepare adequately for this. It is also important to take note of the fact that this is the most booked course throughout Albufeira, with most repeat bookings too.

Oceanico O’Connor

Oceanico O’Connor is a beautiful course, a really good one that aptly complements Oceanico Faldo just in the neighborhood.